Instant Issue Debit Cards

Your new Metro Bank Instant Issue Debit Card allows you to walk out with your new Debit Card the SAME DAY! Whether you open a new checking account or need to replace an existing card, with Instant Issue Debit Cards, your wait time is just a couple minutes instead of 7-10 business days. Also, you may begin using your new debit card same day.


Helpful Notes:

  • When choosing your PIN, ensure that it is a unique number that is difficult for others to guess. Do not share your PIN with anyone else.
  • If you experience any problems while activating your debit card, feel free to reach out to Metro Bank at 205-884-6200 for assistance.
  • Metro Bank cardholders may use their debit card at any Metro Bank ATM to withdraw cash from their account, free of charge.   Charges may apply when using other institutions.
  • Metro Bank has limits in place for your protection.
  • Monitoring for fraudulent activities is conducted 24/7. You may receive notification from our card providers if there is any suspicious activity on your account.
  • If you plan to travel, please notify Metro Bank to prevent suspicion of fraudulent activity.
  • You cannot place a Stop Payment order on an ATM or Debit Card transaction. If you see a transaction that you did not initiate, you should contact Metro Bank immediately.
  • The cardholder is the only individual authorized to speak to the Metro Bank about their account. You may not request or report any information if you are not the owner of the card in question.


CALL TO REPORT LOST OR STOLEN CARDS:  205-884-6200 or 1-800-500-1044

If your debit card is lost or stolen, you should always contact the bank immediately.  If the bank is closed and you cannot reach a representative, you may call the above number to report your card lost or stolen to prevent any fraudulent charges from occurring. However, you must call Metro Bank as soon as we reopen for business so we may maintain your account; including closing the current card and ordering a replacement.