Metro Bank’s ATM Deposit options are available at all locations.


  • Make check and cash deposits anywhere and anytime.
  • Get instant credit for Cash Deposits.
  • Less waiting in line.
  • Deposits made before 3:00pm CT on regular business days will be posted to your account that evening.



Metro Bank-Main Office
800 Martin Street South
Pell City, Alabama 35128


Metro Bank-North Office
18500 US Hwy 231
Pell City, Alabama  35125


Metro Bank-South Office
1920 Martin Street South
Pell City, Alabama  35128


Metro Bank-Ragland Office
1164 Main Street
Ragland, Alabama  35131


Metro Bank-Lincoln Office
47615 US Hwy 78
Lincoln, Alabama  35096

Metro Bank-Heflin Office
1022 Coleman Street
Heflin, Alabama  36264


Metro Bank-Ashville Office
35489 US Hwy 231
Ashville, Alabama 35953


Metro Bank-Southside Office
2325 US Hwy 77
Southside, Alabama 35907


Metro Bank-Moody Office
2505  Moody Parkway
Moody, Alabama 35004


Metro Bank-Odenville ATM
14487 US Hwy 411
Odenville, Alabama 35120